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Frequently Asked Questions – The Grotto

  • Is access to The Grotto available to all Grotto Spa guests?

    YES! $95 per person, 2-hour access.
    Further customize your visit by adding your favourite spa treatments and tapas dining for the ultimate spa escape.

  • What health benefits might I expect to experience in The Grotto?

    The Grotto provides a classic combination of movement through hot, warm, cool and cold elements, promoting overall health benefits such as improved circulation, deep relaxation and stress relief. Some may also report better sleep quality, reduced joint and muscle pain, increased immunity, and improved connection to self and others.

  • What should I bring to my visit?

    Just bring your swimsuit!

  • What is provided during my visit?

    You will have access to all The Grotto offers in a natural indoor/outdoor setting! This includes our signature Mineral Pool designed to emulate a natural stone grotto, a large Whirlpool perfect for relaxing and connecting, invigorating Cool Splash Waterfall, 4 Cedar Barrel Saunas, 2 Outdoor Showers a Garden Patio to soak up the sun or warm up fireside, a Relaxation Lounge offering complimentary refreshments, and a Retail Boutique for your wellness and gifting needs. Stay hydrated during your visit with naturally flavoured waters, still or sparkling. A locker is provided to safely store your belongings, pre-set with a plush robe, sandals, and towels. Gendered locker rooms are well appointed with luxurious shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion, as well as hair styling tools and products.

  • How will I move throughout the Grotto?

    We offer a free-flow, leisure experience to enjoy your own personal wellness journey, at your own pace. While we provide a recommended path, everyone is different, and we want you to do what feels best for you. Enjoy each step of your visit as you relax, connect and listen to your body.

  • Do I need to book a reservation in advance or do you accept walk-ins?

    Reservations are highly recommended; however we are happy to accommodate same day and walk-ins, based on availability.

  • Is there an age requirement?

    We welcome guests 19 years of age and older. Guests 13 to 18 years of age are welcomed when accompanied by an adult guest throughout The Grotto. Identification may be requested during check-in.

  • Can I visit The Grotto if I’m pregnant or under the care of a physician for any reason?

    All guests are asked to complete a wellness form on arrival. Those with heart conditions, who are pregnant or who are currently under the care of a physician for any reason, should consult their physician prior to enjoying The Grotto.

  • As parts of The Grotto are outdoors, what happens if there are poor weather conditions?

    The Grotto is designed to be enjoyed year-round and during all weather conditions. This is the West Coast and we are used to the rain! Rain or even snow often adds to the experience of connection within nature’s elements. Guests who wish to avoid certain weather conditions will find several indoor spaces to relax and unwind.

  • What type of saunas are in The Grotto?

    High-quality, hand-crafted, and proudly constructed in British Columbia by Nootka Saunas, you will have access to four 10-foot (8-person) cedar barrel saunas, warmed by an electric heater to 90 degrees. Intensify the heat by adding water to the sauna’s heater to experience the added benefits of steam.

  • Can I purchase food and/or beverages while enjoying The Grotto?

    Yes! Your Grotto experience includes access to the lounge where light refreshments are served. You may also choose to purchase charcuterie platters or make a reservation to enjoy Tapas Dining at the Treetop Tapas & Grill, reserved exclusively for robed spa guests.

  • May I bring outside food and/or beverage?

    No outside food and drink are permitted. We provide a hydration station with reusable cups, and complimentary healthy snacks.

  • How long can I stay in The Grotto?

    Guests will enjoy a 2-hour visit and are encouraged to use the facilities however you see best, take your time, relax, and enjoy all we have to offer.

  • Is The Grotto a shared space?

    The Grotto is a safe, shared, inclusive space for all to enjoy together. Our Locker Rooms are gendered, and guests are supported to select the locker room that best fits their identity. All areas of The Grotto are open for connection and quiet conversation with friends and other guests of The Grotto community.

  • The Grotto Guidelines & Etiquette

    Swimwear is required.

    Enjoy a cleansing shower with soap prior to entering The Grotto, and after using the saunas before re-entering the pools.

    For safety, we provide sandals to be worn within The Grotto.

    For cleanliness, please sit on a towel provided while enjoying the saunas.

    Discussions are welcomed throughout The Grotto; soft voices are appreciated as some guests may be seeking a more peaceful visit.

    Check with others before adding water to the sauna heaters.

    To encourage relaxation, phones and other devices are to be silenced and stored safely in your personal locker.

    For guest privacy, photography, cameras and/or recording equipment are not permitted within The Grotto.

    The Grotto is a non-sexual environment, please refrain from physical displays of affection.

    Stay hydrated!

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